Ticket purchase step by step

The account should be registered and recharged before boarding the vehicle!


Step 1 – Application download

You can download the SkyCash application to your phone in one of two ways:

I. Website

1. Click on the “Registration” icon at
2. Enter your phone number and the code from the picture.
3. You will receive an SMS message containing the access password to the SkyCash application.
4. Fill in the form with the password from the SMS message, your name, surname and e-mail address, set the PIN code with which you will confirm transactions in the SkyCash system, and click on the Next button.
5. You will receive an SMS message containing a link to the SkyCash application. Now you can change your password to a password chosen by you.
6. Receive an SMS message containing a link to the SkyCash application.
7. Go to the address indicated in the SMS message.
8. Download the application.
II. Empty SMS message

1. Send an empty SMS message to 510 510 205 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            510 510 205      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. The fee for the SMS message is congruent with fees indicated in the price list of the telecommunications operator.
2. Receive an SMS message containing an invitation to the SkyCash system and a link to the SkyCash application.
3. Go to the address.
4. Download the application.

Step 2 – Registration

The downloaded SkyCash application is located in the “Applications” tab.
1. Open the SkyCash application.
2. Enter your mobile phone number.
3. Receive an SMS containing the password.
4. Enter the password in the SkyCash application.
5. Submit your data and determine your individual PIN code with which you will confirm telephone transactions.

Step 3 – Recharging the account

• Money transfer to another SkyCash user
A SkyCash user can transfer any amount of money from his/her SkyCash account to another mobile phone user.
If the owner of the mobile phone who receives the money transfer is a SkyCash user, his/her account will be automatically recharged with the transferred amount.
If the recipient does not currently have a SkyCash account, he/she will be notified of the transferred funds, which he/she can receive upon registration in the SkyCash system. If he/she does not register within 5 days of receiving the notification, the money will be returned to the sender’s account.
• Bank money transfer to the user’s own SkyCash account
- You can transfer money from your bank account to your SkyCash account.
- You may transfer money instantly or recharge your SkyCash account with a payment card through the Przelewy 24 platform.
- The full number of your SkyCash account to which money should be transferred is available in the “Recharge” tab in the administration panel, to which you may log in at

• SMS Premium

- Send “Zaczynam” (I am starting) in an SMS message to 73550.
At the first recharge, your account is credited with the amount of PLN 3 (SMS cost: PLN 3; PLN 3.69 incl. VAT).
At each next recharge, your account is credited with the amount of PLN 1.5 (SMS cost: PLN 3; PLN 3.69 incl. VAT).

Step 4 – Ticket purchase

The ticket should be purchased immediately after boarding the vehicle.
1. Select the “Services” tab from the SkyCash application menu.
2. Select the “Tickets” tab from the Services tab.
3. Select “Bydgoszcz” (The operator should be selected during the first purchase. The application will remember the user settings and skip this step during the next transaction. You can change the operator by selecting the “Operator change” tab.).
4. Select the “Ticket purchase” option.
5. Decide whether you want to buy a regular-fare or a reduced-fare ticket, a single-trip or a time-limit bearer ticket.
6. Choose one of the urban transport tickets. In the case of single-trip tickets, enter the line number and the vehicle’s side number.
7. After choosing the right ticket, click on the “Next” button and confirm the transaction with you PIN code.
Ticket inspection
Upon a ticket inspector’s request to present the ticket for verification, the passenger is obliged to present the 2D code which is the confirmation of payment for the trip.
In order to present the ticket for inspection, follow the following instructions:
1.    Select the Services tab from the SkyCash application menu.
2.    Select the Tickets tab from the Services menu.
3.    Go to the Ticket inspection tab.
4.    From tickets purchased recently, select the right one for inspection and present it to the ticket inspector.



Having established irregularities relating to the transaction of telephone ticket purchase, the user should complete a complaint form and submit the complaint to the Customer Service Centre at ul. Toruńska 174a, to the office of Zarząd Dróg Miejskich i Komunikacji Publicznej (Urban Roads and Public Transport Board) or to the address: